Fresh Leads Direct has led the performance-based marketing industry since entering the market over 15 years ago. With a proven track record of providing our publishers the highest and fastest payouts, exclusive deals, and 24/7 support, Freshleads is now the only performance-based agency offering performance-based lead generation and advertising in seven different media verticals!

We equip companies with the tools and know-how to generate leads and inbound calls. As a leader in the lead generation industry for over 14 years, we have acquired the knowledge and experience by maximizing, creating, and promoting quality campaigns via mobile, email, web networks, and offline methods.

Fresh leadsDirect is a leading provider of online marketing solutions through our performance-based marketing agency. We pride ourselves on being experts in performance marketing and serving as a liaison between advertisers and publishers. We help to create promotions that are exciting, well-managed, fair, and profitable for all parties.

Top Verticals:
  • Education
  • Mortgage
  • Debt/Credit
  • Insurance
  • and more...

We also can generate leads from other verticals that range from a variety of industries beyond the above list. We customize ads based on your needs. We can help you achieve greater sales results no matter the industry!